Joanna Kohler

Stopping for a break while on Minnesota Motorcycle Stories and remembering to take a photo:)

Joanna Kohler

Joanna is the creator of Kohler Productions, a multimedia company that produces media focused on community storytelling and advises on strategies to facilitate community voices in the telling of their own stories. In addition to these skills, Joanna has over 15 years of experience in documentary filmmaking, youth work and youth media education, including her previous position as the Coordinator for the Twin Cities Youth Media Network.


Joanna is an award winning filmmaker receiving multiple Jerome Foundation grants, directed three independent films, completed training with the Institute for Cultural Affairs – participatory facilitation, New Mexico’s Media Literacy Institute and been a Fellow with the Creative Community and Leadership Institute supported by both the Bush Foundation and Intermedia Arts. Joanna’s education includes a B.A. in Social Documentary from the University of Minnesota and some graduate courses in Public Affairs from the Humphrey Institute. In addition, Joanna has worked with many community initiatives as both a strategist and producer and served as a chair on the Board of Director’s with SPNN and a Communications Committee member with Minnesota Women in Film and Television. And is an Emmy nominated producer for the TV show Butter City.


Passionate filmmaking used to tell reflective community stories that create sustainable change is what drives both Joanna’s work and the work of Kohler Productions.

Shooting a music video with Cathy DeCheine.