Youth Development as Community Development: TV Series Conversation

On May 11th, we kicked off a conversation with some of the Twin Cities wisest experts on youth development and engagement to ask the question “What are the most powerful lessons from Youth Development and Engagement that if adopted by the larger community, would transform the entire health of our communities and institutions?”  Huge THANK YOU to many of the folks who showed up, including; Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board, MYC, Ignite MN, University of Minnesota’s Dale Blyth, Joyce Walker, ‘Don’t Believe the Hype’ producer Robin Hickman, SPNN Youth and CTEP, Bianca Rhodes, Louis Alemayehu, Shelly Graf, Marlina Gonzalez, Ariel Tilson, Deacon Warner, James Everett, Delroy Calhoun, and many more!!!  You all rocked a phenomenal conversation!!!


Huge thank you to Rebeka Ndosi and John Akre to be doing this work as a team!