Powerful Documentary Filmmaking

Kohler Productions works with organizations, intermediaries and large institutions to capture compelling stories to move missions, and people toward a common goal; storytelling for the common good.

Kohler Productions can help you accomplish the following communication goals:

  • clarify and showcase your story
  • deepen relationships and impact
  • move people toward a common goal
  • engage the broader community and funders

The needs and approaches are unique to each client. Over the last 18 years Kohler Productions has identified three types of products commonly requested:

  • MESSAGING: Shorter videos often used as 30-60 second promotions on TV, event introductions, campaigns and more.
  • DOCUMENTARY: These videos are more about character development and “showing” your audience why your story matters.
  • EVENT COVERAGE: These videos are evidence of movements, gatherings, energy and quoting experts… all in support of the work being done year round.