Media for Events

Fast, focused and impactful; video can exponentially increase the return on your event investment.  Produce video to play in the event, or document the event to keep momentum and the mission moving long after everyone has finished their small group conversations.



Produced Pre-Event:

  • Present short video stories
  • Introduce Topics with Short Video Annimation
  • Hype Your Event on Social Media
  • Bring Voices of Key Individuals
  • Prepare Staff to Collect Stories
  • Plan Social Media Presence During Event

Post-Event Possibilities:

  • Film Event
  • Create Highlight Videos
  • Create Social Media Assets
  • Create Video Testimonials from Event
  • Media for Reporting Back to Stakeholders/Funders
  • Collected Input from Event Participants
  • Targeted Social Media tagging to Broaden Message Reach
  • Multiple Media Assets for Long Term Communications


You can keep it simple, and film a key note speaker, or you can integrate media into the design of your event for a dynamic and professional feel; keep your event focused, moving and effective.  You can use your event to collect stories while stakeholders are in one place.  Have an end target in mind.  What’s the point of filming the key note, if you never cut it to a length social media, or it sits on a drive because no one can post it on your website?   Media approaches can be big or small…  intention determines effectiveness, not size.    There are easy strategies to build staff’s capacity to cover your event, that won’t break your budget.  Contact me!  Strategy to production, I’d love to see your event maximize impact.