Social Media Campaigns

Video and media messaging is a must to reach audiences. Whether captive, in a controlled event, or free to flip pass your stories on social media.  Media messaging has to be vibrant, to the point and relavant to your target.  Intentional strategy and multiple media products move messages.


  • Participatory Facilitation
  • Message Development
  • Audience Identification
  • Campaign Design
  • Media for Multiple Platforms (social media, event, web, broadcast, fliers)
  • Build Staff Capacity (production or distribution)
  • Managing Campaign Production
  • Strategic Distribution Design
  • Video Production
  • Maximize social media products from each production
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Print Design
  • Building on and discovering existing stakeholder media assets and capacity (can be across geography)
  • Producing stakeholder created media into cohesive messages and assets
  • Can work within existing communications strategy or expand these strategies


Media POPS

When Combined with Strategy, Engagement, and Saturation

Kohler Productions can create “a” video, or go deeper to maximize the effectiveness of any message or story you want to tell.  You don’t need to feel lost at sea, learning how to use social media, create video or develop your messages.  I am passionate about listening and responding to the situation you find yourself in today.  Listening is the first step and quickly I can work with you to design an approach that will work for you, and I am happy to refer you to others if something is outside the wheel house of Kohler Productions.  Media production and engagement doesn’t have to be a mysterious process… and you don’t have to feel alone and wasting staff time.

Process: You care about authenticity.  My background is community engagement and community process.  I love gathering folks in a room to facilitate their ideas, their expertise, their fierce wisdom about what is needed.  Combining this with the knowledge of our target audience and creating messages that ring true across your stakeholders.   Your stakeholders don’t have to know production to be critical in informing design.  Contact me today!