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KP’s Motionpoem in Georgia Review


Aug 26, 2013 Comments are off

Joanna Kohler’s Motionpoem gets a mention in the Georgia Review. http://garev.uga.edu/wordpress/index.php/2013/08/on-poetry-films-motionpoems/

Flood of 1972: Research in Rapid City


Aug 5, 2013 Comments are off

Headed to Rapid City to research a story from Minnesota Motorcycle Stories, about a massive flood in Rapid City that killed 239 people. Heard more memories, toured the landscape and [...]

Tour Pixel Farm: Career Day with Youth Producers


Aug 2, 2013 Comments are off

Two SPNN youth producers go on a career day tour of Minneapolis postproduction house, Pixel Farm. They got a chance to learn about audio, color correction and 2D and 3D [...]

Rocking a Frozen Time Lapse


Mar 1, 2013 Comments are off

Up North in the woods, Mike Hartzel and Joanna Kohler trek out on a frozen lake, with the sounds of cracking ice under two feet of snow!!!, to set up [...]

Testing a Scene for Minnesota Motorcycle Stories


Feb 28, 2013 Comments are off

Up North, Mike Hartzel and Joanna Kohler had a chance to work on a scene for the documentary Minnesota Motorcycle Stories, currently being scripted for production. Mike had a chance [...]

Shooting Pike Island on Winter Solstice


Dec 21, 2012 Comments are off

In need of some close ups of deer in the woods, Joanna headed out to Pike Island to try to find some deer. Before leaving she got some great shots [...]

Underwater 3D Experiment


Nov 15, 2012 Comments are off

Really? Experimenting with 3D GoPro for an underwater shoot in Lake Nokomis. Try #2, attach brick to weigh down the cameras:) There’s a whole world under there I had never [...]

Motion Poem Premiere


Aug 18, 2012 News Comments are off

An ounce of humility goes a long way in this grounded adaptation of Bob Hicok’s runaway musings on big oil by documentarian Joanna Kohler.