Joanna Kohler


Kohler Productions works with governments, intermediaries, organizations and institutions to capture compelling stories to move missions, data and people toward a common goal; storytelling for the common good. Kohler Productions is built on the Regional Emmy award winning filmmaking experience of Joanna Kohler and is responsive to the demands for participatory facilitation and communications; that may be required to tell the story with the greatest impact. This allows our work to adapt to client’s needs across the spectrum from production to strategy and discovery.

The Experience Behind the Passion:

Joanna Kohler  began her career with a job as the first youth staff at The Bridge for Runaway Youth, her first board experience was with the National Network for Runaway and Homeless Youth Advisory Board in Washington D.C, and her first internship was capturing digital archives of the artwork at Yad Vashem, Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. Her award winning documentary film work spans across topics of marginalization and equity and universal human experiences of hope, adversity and transformation. She completed a year-long training with the Institute for Cultural Affairs – participatory facilitation, New Mexico’s Media Literacy Institute and was a Fellow with the Creative Community and Leadership Institute supported by both the Bush Foundation and Intermedia Arts. Joanna’s education includes a B.A. in Social Documentary from the University of Minnesota and some graduate courses in Public Affairs from the Humphrey Institute. Outside of her work with Kohler Productions, Joanna performed as the Coordinator for the Twin Cities Youth Media Network, been a media educator for both youth and adults and served as the Board Chair for St. Paul Neighborhood Network. In addition, Joanna works as a host and producer with the Emmy Nominated TV series cineMN. These experiences and others inform Joanna’s values and the foundation of Kohler Production’s work.



What You Get with Kohler Productions



Strategic project scoping and systems thinking ensures Kohler Productions understands your goals and outcomes.



You have unique stakeholders, needs and resources. We are dedicated to providing a custom experience and product every time.



Driven by genuine curiosity and participatory facilitation training, Kohler Productions asks meaningful questions to discover the root of your messages and why they matter. From beginning to end, it is our goal that you experience a generative and collaborative process.



Joanna Kohler is an Emmy award winning filmmaker with over 20 years of experience in documentary film, nonprofit leadership, participatory facilitation, strategic messaging, youth media and community storytelling; including published articles on these subjects.